Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation

Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation

The quality of the hospital is not only visible from magnificent buildings, experienced doctors, complete medicines, and sophisticated medical equipment. Hospitals are required to provide the best health services and be more open to the community.

However, the question is, what benchmarks can be used to determine that a hospital has the best service? Considering that up to now, most Indonesians are looking at hospitals in neighbouring countries rather than hospitals in their own countries.

The government has implemented hospital service quality standards and divided them into several groups. There is also an ISO-like award for hospitals. However, it would be better if we follow international standards, such as JCI to improve the quality of health services.

Joint Commission International (JCI) is a division of Joint Commission International, under the Joint Commission. For more than 50 years, The Joint Commission and its organisations have dedicated themselves to improving health quality and safety. JCI’s mission is to improve the quality of health continuously to the community, by working with stakeholders, evaluating health service organisations, and providing inspiration in improving the provision of the highest level of safe, effective and quality services. stakeholder, mengevaluasi organisasi pelayanan kesehatan, serta memberikan inspirasi dalam peningkatan penyediaan pelayanan yang aman, efektif yang paling tinggi, dan bernilai mutunya.

Dari ribuan rumah sakit di Indonesia, baru beberapa rumah sakit yang berhasil mendapatkan akreditasi dari JCI. Rumah sakit Premier Bintaro mendapatkan akreditasi JCI pada 15 Januari 2011 lalu dan merupakan rumah sakit pertama di Indonesia yang menggunakan standard terbaru edisi 4 di tahun 2011 .RS Premier Bintaro berhasil kembali meraih Triennial atau Reakreditasi di awal tahun 2014 dan 2017. Keberhasilan meraih penghargaan ini semakin menunjukkan kredibilitas RSPB yang dikenal sebagai rumah sakit yang berorientasi pada kualitas dan keselamatan pasien yang merupakan jiwa dari akreditasi tsb.

By fulfilling these JCI requirements, we obtain many benefits. Doctors become more communicative, documentation and accuracy of patients since admission and treatment until out of the record, hospital services and facilities are getting better and maintained, and so on.

The success of the Bintaro Premier Hospital in achieving International Accreditation from JCI is the result of hard work from hospital personnel ranging from doctors, nurses and non-medical staff who have high loyalty and dedication to improve the quality of services that are of international standard. The achievement, which is a significant leap for the RSPB is undoubtedly not the end of the journey to quality services of international standard but as an initial step in efforts to improve the quality of continuous service.


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