Hand Clinic

Hand Clinic

The complexity of hand anatomy makes the hand very unique. Also, because of the small size and structure in it, the hands are very delicate. Injuries that generally don’t hurt your thighs can cause significant problems with your hands. That is why hand problems require special attention and handling.

Hand injuries in Indonesia are still mostly caused by traffic accidents and work. Proper handling is needed to minimise various consequences, such as prolonged leave and decreased work productivity.

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In addition to accidents, there are also many hand problems caused by Overuse (repetitive movements), sports injuries, congenital abnormalities, tumours, peripheral nerve compression, infection, metabolic diseases, autoimmune, and others.

Hand and microsurgery is a branch of orthopaedic surgery that specifically handles problems in the upper limbs and limbs, both those related to bones and other soft tissues (nerves, blood vessels, skin, muscles and veins).

A variety of therapies are used to treat hand problems, ranging from conservative therapy (physiotherapy, medication, injections, plaster cast) to surgery.

Often hand problems must be handled in a multi-disciplinary manner to get good results. We collaborate with other scientific disciplines such as rehabilitation of medic, radiology, internal medicine or other. Cooperation and patient compliance are also important factors in optimising the results of therapy.

Team Doctor of Hand Clinic Premier Bintaro Hospital is a certified and experienced hand surgeon. With the collaboration of other related disciplines and supporting facilities, we strive to provide the best treatment for our patients.

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dr. Margareta Arianni, Sp.OT (K- Hand)

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