Infection Prevention and Control Programme

Infection Prevention and Control Programme

Hospitals must strive to improve service quality in all fields on an ongoing basis. One form of this effort is the hospital’s attention to infection prevention and control. As part of Ramsay Sime Darby’s Health Care, Premier Bintaro Hospital demonstrated its commitment to infection prevention and control by participating in an audit of the HICMR (Health Care Infection Control Management Resource) audit.

HICMR (Health Care Infection Control Management Resources) is an independent international audit body and consultant for infection prevention and control (PPI) based in Melbourne, Australia. HICMR is the largest provider that continues to be consistently involved in the PPI program. HICMR globally continues to maintain its commitment and become a leader in providing recommendations and consultations for PPI program management both at the strategy, managerial and operational levels.

Private services at the hospital include patients, hospital staff, tenant staff, and visitors. These four components are at risk of contracting an infectious disease. Hospitals in principle are places for medical care and care for inpatients, but often people in hospitals (patients, hospital staff, and visitors) are at risk of contracting the disease due to exposure to various sources of disease. This condition is called a nosocomial infection or known as “Infection Acquired Hospital” (HAI).

The Infected Acquired Hospital (HAI) must be controlled and controlled by the hospital because it will affect the healing process of the patient. Maintaining a safe and clean environment following the required standards requires strong commitment and low costs. Various efforts have been made, among others, by maintaining the air circulation system, maintaining the cleanliness of the rooms and all equipment used by patients when hospitalised. Thus patients, medical personnel, nurses and medical support staff and people who come to the hospital can be protected.

Therefore, Premier Bintaro Hospital applied high standards in preventing and controlling infections in hospitals. Premier Bintaro Hospital consistently participates in the HICMR audit every year, followed by high commitment and responsibility from all staff to jointly make this program successful.

At the 2019 HICMR audit, the Bintaro Premier Hospital managed to fulfil 3,316 standards from 3,468 possible standard scores, or about 96% of all existing standards. The following chart illustrates the achievement of the Premier Bintaro Hospital HICMR audit results from 2013 to 2019:

Audit HICMR RSPB tahun 2019


The following are critical areas audited by the HICMR surveyor team.

1. Clinical Unit – Surgical/Internal Medicine Treatment Room

The treatment room is the main area that allows the risk of transmission or transmission of disease between patients, as well as between patients and the health / environmental staff of the hospital itself. The percentage of treatment room audits in 2019 is 975% of the 246 possible scores.

Some of the elements assessed by HICMR in the treatment room include environmental maintenance, application of personal protective equipment, management of medicines given to patients, storage of medical equipment and linen for patients as well as the disposal of clinical waste and handling sharp objects.

The percentage of achievement of the maintenance room audit from 2013 to 2019 is as follows:

Pencapaian Audit Ruang Perawatan

2. Food and Beverage Services

The focus of HICMR in improving the quality of hospital services, especially those related to prevention and control of infection, does not only focus on the clinical and nursing areas. Public services also receive considerable attention, one of which is the service of Food and Beverage. The percentage of HICMR audits in Food and Beverage services in 2019 is 94% of the 218 standard possible scores. Food and Beverage. Persentase pencapaian audit HICMR dalam pelayanan Food and Beverage pada tahun 2019 adalah 94% dari 218 standard possible score.

The percentage of achievement of the maintenance room audit from 2013 to 2019 is as follows:

Pencapaian Hasil Audit Pelayanan F&B


The assessment of the HICMR surveyors in the F & B service began with the food preparation process, environmental hygiene and eating utensils, food storage and transportation, environmental hygiene and staff health.

3. Operating Room

The operating room is an important area to ensure that the patient is protected from the transmission of infection and maintains the condition of his sterility during the operation. The percentage of achievement of HICMR audits in operating rooms in 20198 is 96% of the 290 standard possible scores.

The following is the percentage of achievement of operating room HICMR audits from 2013 to 20198:

Pencapaian Hasil Audit Kamar Operasi


Some of the elements assessed by HICMR include the operating room environment, ventilation and air circulation systems, the practice of surgical hand washing, maintenance of sterile areas for surgery, anaesthesia management, post-anaesthesia care, clinical waste management; sharp objects and linen, implant monitoring and documentation, etc.

In addition to the critical areas above, the HICMR audit was also conducted for several supporting areas such as hemodialysis services, household services, maintenance services, sterilisation services, Endoscopic services, obstetric services and baby care, and employee health programs. And the percentage of HICMR audits in all supporting services in 2019 is above 90%.

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