Education Center and Diabetes Foot Clinic

Education Center and Diabetes Foot Clinic
In April 2007, Premier Bintaro Hospital opened the Diabetes Foot Clinic and Education Center to provide services for diabetics and their families, to help them:
  • To prevent or reduce the occurrence of diabetes,
  • To avoid complications of diabetes,
  • Prevent disability due to complications of diabetes.
A team of diabetes educators provides diabetes education at the Premier Bintaro Hospital, which consists of doctors, nurses, experienced nutritionists and those who have received an Advanced Diabetes Teaching certificate. Diabetes education provided includes:
  • General knowledge about diabetes, such as symptoms and treatment.
  • Nutrition evaluation, and development of meal planning, drug and food interactions, food relations and physical exercise.
  • The relationship between physical exercise and possibility of lack of blood sugar.
  • How to monitoring blood sugar and urine ketones; choose the examination method, the equipments, the record as a source of information, and meal planning adjustment.
  • Insulin works (or tablet medicine) — type of treatment, proper selection of insulin and correct injection technique.
  • Adjustment of insulin dosage, target blood sugar levels, and HbA1c ( A1c ) must be achieved.
  • Causes, symptoms of treatment and prevention of the occurrence of deficiencies and excess blood sugar levels.
  • The attitude needs to be done if you are sick and emergency diabetes treatment procedures.
  • Before pregnancy, gestational diabetes, blood sugar levels during pregnancy and the risk factors that influence it.
  • Chronic complications of diabetes: prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Regular dental and gum-skin examination and maintenance.
  • How to travel for diabetics.
  • How to fasting in Ramadan.
  • Diabetic foot care.

Diabetic Foot Clinic

Services at the Diabetes Foot Clinic include the following:
  • Foot examination
  • Risk identification
  • Self foot care education
  • Knowledge of suitable footwear
  • Therapy for foot disorders (skin and nails) that do not require surgery, for example, dry feet, calloused feet, unpleasant odours, cracked feet, sweaty feet, fungal infections of fingernails and skin, ingrown toenails, brittle nails, fish eyes, etc.
  • Diabetes foot gymnastic training

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