Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic is a facility specifically designed to study disorders that occur during sleep. The examination at the Sleep Clinic begins with a consultation and general observation. Also included are several physical tests such as the shape of the jaw, conditions in the mouth, including the tongue, palate and tonsils. That's because there are types of sleep disorders caused by physical abnormalities.

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Sleep Study

Sleep monitoring is carried out after the consultation process. For this reason, patients must stay overnight at the Sleep Clinic using sleep monitoring devices. These include detectors to record the electrical activity of the brain, eyes, chin muscles, heart, oxygen saturation gauges, airflow, snoring recorders, and breathing efforts of the chest and abdominal muscles.

Sleep Monitoring

The use of a sleep monitor is used to determine whether the patient has a period of stopping breathing during sleep, how many times that period occurs, on a supine or oblique condition. To obtain complete data records, patients sleep with these devices installed for a minimum of 6 hours.

Next, the doctor will analyse the entire examination results to determine the patient's sleep quality and the type of sleep disorder they experience. It becomes the basis for determining further therapies, such as oral surgery, the use of special tools or just lifestyle changes.

Handling Sleep Disorders

Most sleep disorders can be cured by applying right sleep methods, medication and behaviour modification.

But in certain circumstances such as OSA, patients need CPAP therapy (given air with a certain pressure through a mask) or upper airway surgery if medical treatment is not successful.

Because sleep disorders involve many factors, treatment at Sleep Clinic also includes experts from several medical disciplines including ear, nose and throat specialists and lung specialists.

We highly recommend people suspected of having sleep disorders to get sleep quality checks. They are the people who have a habit of snoring, whoever feels not fresh when they wake up in the morning and often feel sleepy during the day.

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