Sport Clinic

Sport Clinic

Sport Clinic

Sports Clinic Premier Bintaro Hospital is here to provide integrated and comprehensive services for handling all problems that arise related to sports activities.

Our services cover issues related to performance sports (for athletes), and recreational or community sports (which are usually done alone or in a fitness centre).

Services provided include:

  • Consultation, examination and supervision of the exercise provide correct and appropriate training directions according to the physical condition of the patient so we can minimise the risk of injury.
  • Consultation and examination for patients with certain diseases, we guide patients with heart disease, diabetes, asthma or other health condition to be able to do sports activities safely.
  • Physical fitness check.
  • Food nutrition management consultation.
  • We are handling sports injuries.
  • Sports injury rehabilitation program.
Sports Clinic RS Premier Bintaro
Sports Clinic Premier Bintaro Hospital will help you to recover from sports injuries immediately and be able to return to sports activities safely and comfortably. Handling is carried out in an integrated manner by a team consisting of various specialist fields such as:
  • Sports Health Specialist.
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon (Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon).
  • Physician Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Sports Injury Management.

Injuries that are often experienced by athletes and individual sports practitioners can be in the form of acute trauma and protracted syndrome or over syndrome.

Handling of sports injuries can be non-operative (does not require surgery) or operative (requires surgery). Management of non-operative injuries can be in the form of treatment of injured body parts, enlargement, cold or warm compresses, administration of drugs, and undergoing physiotherapy.

In certain cases, sports injuries must be treated through surgery, for example, in cases of broken bones and tendon ruptures. The operating technique used can be open or minimal invasive.

Minimally invasive surgery on joints can be done using Arthroscopy technique. This surgical technique involves a small scratch and uses a video camera that is inserted into the knee joint. Compared to conventional methods, the advantages of this technique are minor surgical wounds (better cosmetics), accurate diagnosis, more comfort, longer treatment time and shorter recovery period.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Program

An excellent medical rehabilitation program can restore the functional abilities of injured patients to the optimal level.

The rehabilitation program can motivate and develop confidence so that the person concerned does not feel anxious and can be active in the rehabilitation program that he needs to do.

Our specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will design exercise programs both for injured patients who underwent surgery and who did not undergo surgery. Rehabilitation programs must be well designed and follow the healing time of the tissue and continuously monitoring so the patient can get the best results.